Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Improve your trading decisions with Guardian Angel

AvaTrade's free Guardian trading support system delivers you instant feedback on your action so you can make smarter decisions in the financial markets.
This powerful MetaTrader 4 add-on will help to cut through the noise and focus on the information crucial to your trading success.

Using complex behaviour analytics the state-of-the-art software is designed to:

  • Promote trading confidence
  • Help you identify your mistake
  • Increase your trading knowledge
  • Trade with less risk
  • Strengthen your connection to the markets

When you download the Gurdian Angel add-on you'll receive messages and alerts highlighting a range diffrent issues:

  • Excessive risk
  • Setting stop loss
  • Strong/weak trading perfomance
  • Margin call alerts
  • Markets alerts relevant to you
  • Trading volatility

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